Candy Lur

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A homegrown young musician, the 20 year-old Lur Khim Tiam (Lu Xintian), has only a short history in music. Unlike most of her peers in the arena, Lur started rather late at the age of 15 under the tutelage of Ms Qu Jian Qing, the Yangqin Principle of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. In March 2003, Lur took up music theory lessons under Miss Yong Lu Ee to further affirm her understanding of music.


In November 2003, Lur attained the Grade 9 Certificate for yangqin in the Chinese Instrumental Examinations held jointly by the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and Central Conservatory of Music (Beijing, China). Also in the same month, she aced the ABRSM Theory of Music Grade 5 Examinations with a perfect score (100%) Distinction. In December of the same year, Lur successfully auditioned into the newly re-established Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra, which is an affiliated wing of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra.


Since 1999, Lur has been active in school orchestras and other amateur groups, often as a soloist and lead performer. She has also been invited as a guest performer and guest yangqin accompanist for the public concerts of various orchestras, including the Singapore Lyric Opera and the Siong Leng Music Association. 



Lur is currently the Principal Performer and group I/C for the yangqin section of NUSCO, the Principal Performer of SYCO.


吕欣恬(20岁)是本地青年扬琴演奏员。深爱音乐但晚起步, 15岁才开始学艺,至今乐龄还短浅。2003 3月,欣恬开始正式上音乐理论课,以便提高对音乐的理解。同年11月,欣恬以满分特优的成绩考获皇家音乐学院乐理5级文凭,并在同月考获南洋艺术学院与中国中央音乐学院(北京)联办的扬琴9级文凭。欣恬也在200312月通过试音考核,被附属新加坡华乐团的新加坡青年华乐团所录取。