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Music Lessons

Yangqin (Chinese Dulcimer) Lessons

for all levels

You don’t have to be chinese to learn the yangqin! The name yangqin literally translates into "foreign instrument" and is known to have originated from European regions such as Arab and Persia. Later in the 14th century, the instrument found its way to different parts of the world and versions of the dulcimer are still in used worldwide, across different cultures. The yangqin today is highly versatile for use from orchestra to solo, traditional chinese tunes to western jazz jamming.

About the Lesson

Students will learn the basic techniques of playing the yangqin and may eventually choose to sit for recognised practical examinations. An extensive range of repertoire from traditional chinese music to transposed western works will be taught. Music practice will be supplemented with videos and recordings of yangqin music, and discussions of the instrument’s structure, essential accessories and innovative ones that make yangqin music more interesting, music theory and culture. Serious pursue or leisure learning can be personalised and tailored.

About the Instructor

The instructor, Ms. Lur Khim Tiam, studied the yangqin and now holds the NAFA and Central Conservatory of China (Beijing) yangqin Grade 9 Certificate. She later studied western music and had attained the ABRSM Theory of Music Grade 8 Certificate. To date she had been involved with different music groups in Singapore and had performed in overseas invitational concerts and exchange program in Thailand, China, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Currently, she performs the yangqin in the Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra.

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